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New guy 2nd gen


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January 27, 2018
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1997 Explorer
Hey guys, I have a 97 explorer sport 4.0 SOHC that's bordering 200k. That being said, I'm looking to do a lot to it. I'm getting ready to replace my ball joints (uppers and lowers) I'm putting some new brakes and other necessary stuff first but after that's good I'm going to do a tt and put some shackles in the back, I heard somewhere that going over 2 inches on a tt ****s up your CV joints, so without doing that and staying closer to the 1.75" mark, would I be able to fit 33s? I'm not worried about cutting to make the tires fit either I'd just rather not. I'm also going to put new shocks and some nice beadlocks (even if they're nonfunctional because of laws and stuff). On top of that I'm getting a system installed. So to wrap this up I'll be here posting often over the coming months/ years! Cheers!

Check this thread for info:
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You can also ask your question in that thread since the right folks should see it.

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