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New guy from FL sayin whats up!


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May 4, 2014
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South Florida
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2007 Sport Trac Limited
Hey yall whats up? New to the forum. Still figurin it all out, so bare with me lol.
I have a 07 ST limited v6 2wd.goin to try and post a pic. Hope it works.

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Looks nice, and welcome to the forums.

EDIT: Saw your post in the other thread (265/65R18), and you can probably fit 245 width or lower 31s or 32s on stock wheels without a lift and not having any (or at least very little) rubbing. I used to get ever-so-slight rubbing with 255 width 30s on OE 18s, so 265 width 31s or 32s will probably rub on full lock.

I know Goodyear makes the MTR Kevlar in like 245/75R17 (245 width 32).
Depending on your needs, I would recommend BFG KM2s, GY MTR, Copper STT or Cooper ST Maxx, but there are tons more tires out there. Toyo tires seem to be especially popular now-a-days.

Welcome to the site. Just recently purchased a 2008 STL and joined the forum myself. I'm also from Florida..Gulf Coast-Mexico Beach Area. :D

welcome to the forum!