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New Guy here.


January 17, 2009
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City, State
Little Rock, Arkansas
Year, Model & Trim Level
2002 Explorer Sport Trac
Just a few words introducing myself. From just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas. I have a 2002 Sport Trac, 98 Jeep Wrangler, 95 Jaguar XJS 6.0 V-12 Convertible, 85 Jaguar XJ-6, and least of all my wifes 96 Ford Taurus. The Jeep and two Jags are my play things, the Sport Trac our family vehicle, and the Taurus belongs to the wife. I do all my own repairs and upkeep on everything except, up till now, the Sport Trac, which has been trouble free. But, started having a few minor problems, and thats why I'm here, to learn what I can. If I can help in any way, I'll be more than happy to. Looking forward to exchanging ideas and info. Keith Hodges.

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welcome keith u got pics of ur jags

Welcome To Explorer Forum!

Thanks for the welcome guys, seems to be a very good site. I'm looking forward to being around for awhile.