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new guy in fort collins Co.


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May 31, 2007
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City, State
fort collins, co.
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'94 xlt
I just wanted to say howdy, and thanks for a great sight; lots of useful stuff.
I'll be chatting alot as i have a tendancy to break stuff like alot! I am searching for info on a c4 dana 20 swap in my '94 exploder, any tips would be great. Also; any tips on sewing canvace, i sorta cut most of the roof out and am triing to make a soft top of sorts. well just wanted to introduce my self, i'm 41, living in beautiful Colorado, with my awsome wife and three great kids.
We love all outdoors activities, mostly wheeling..! I be on this site alot I'm sure
till nest time "wrench, wheel, break, repeat!!!

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Welcome to the site, Lots of great tips on here just search around...
So where abouts are you located in Ft. Collins?
I am like 15-20 mins away in Johnstown...But there are a few people directly in Ft. Collins and Loveland area.

Welcome to Explorer Forum! There alot of people on here with SAS's. (Solid Axle Swap) So you should get alot of help when changing it over. Post up some pics of your truck! I want to see it topless. I'm looking into cutting mine soon. Happy posting!

welcome i live here in fort collins also we might just have to head up for a lil wheelin trip

I have a cousin in FT Collins.