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New guy showing off


December 1, 2012
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Monroe, Michigan
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2007 Sport Trac

Hi Everyone!

Names Brandon. I've mainly into Rangers and some of you might have seen my trucks on other forums. I upgraded my Daily to a 2007 Sport Trac limited about 6 months ago and I love it! I've been searching for info on a certain look I wanted for the new truck couldn't find very much info or even parts. Finaly decided to start modding the truck since drag racing is done for the year. I really do enjoy the way it looks now, and having one of the only Tracs in town and certainly the only lifted one.

2007 Sport Trac Limitied

2" Truxxx leveling kit
20x9" Fuel Rims
295/55/20 Nitto Trail Grapplers.

I think I have the largest tires on a second gen that I have come across. :D


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your truck is sexyyy!!! thumbsup

Wow, that's pretty awesome.

I generally don't like big wheels, even with big tires, but that looks really awesome.
Nitto sure makes tires in interesting sizes, I tried a quick search to find that OD (it's ~33 for anyone else wondering) and I'm pretty sure they're the only ones out there making a 295/55.

How's the rubbing? (if any)

Yup just under a 33"x12" tire.. smallest the Trail Grappler is available in. Had to go with the offset to clear the upper control arm. which pushed the turn radius out. Pretty much non existent flex room even after taking a cutoff wheel to the inner fenders, running boards, and inner body. This truck is a street queen/show piece/poser lol and as much as I hate that... I'm ok knowing that my other ride is a 10 sec Ranger.... :)

WoW nice looking Sport Trac!! Love the Wheels!!

Nice ST. I like the height the Truxxx kit adds.

Mind telling me what offset/backspace you went with on the Fuel wheels? I was actually at 4WheelParts a couple of weekends ago looking at a set of Kranks they had on sale, but wasn't sure what offset I needed to go with to get the right spacing.

Thanks! and no problem, The main reason I made an account on the forum is to showcase the truck, and hopefully help other owners out, since I couldn't find much information before hand.

The rims are Fuel Boost 20x9 with -12 offset. Although if you dont try to squeeze such wide tires under your truck I would go with a 0 offset and you should have far less issues with turning radius. I had to Trim alot! and if i hit a bump they will rub if turning.

Also these stick out past the fenders quite a ways and will throw rocks. But like i said this thing doesn't see dirt. and I do love the wide/mean stance it has.

Wow. -12 is more than I expected. Looks good though! I don't know if I will go that wide or use a 295 - probably a 275 for me.

Mine is the same thing - just a street and daily driver. I think the only time I have used the 4wd on it was backing into the backyard to get the trailer after a heavy rain - just to keep from tearing the yard up... :)

if they rub it needs more lift ,,:D:D:D:D

sweeet looking Trac,, i would build one like that , in Red, ,

I wish!! But the 2" Truxxx lift is so far the only option. I've heard of the rancho/monroe quick lift but really dont seem to add much and I'm already about maxxed on the cv angle. Only seen one body lift done and really dont want to mess with it for body gap. Any ideas?

Sweet looking ST! I haven't seen a lifted 2nd gen that I can remember.

For lifting options you could look around the 3rd and 4th gen ex sub-forums to get ideas since they have the same suspension.

As far as additional lift, I'd agree about shying away from Quicklifts, etc. for the sake of the CVs.

However, you could go the bodylift route, but use spacers/shims of half-height (I think you can just buy them shorter, alternatively, you could have a shop cut them to extremely close specs --Upt, found link in 3rd Gen forum). Then, you'd get a 1.5In body lift, which wouldn't be very noticeable as far as body gaps.

Also, contact stepj19 over in the Moded 4th Geb forums (Link), I think his BL turned out quite nicely. I was really quite opposed to BLs before seeing his, now i've sort of warmed up to them (only as a fix or supplement tho).

Or there's Duner's lift, but I think 6in of lift with ~33s would look silly.

Beauty!!! Like the all black theme!! How much you pay for the wheels and tires?

Wow by far the nicest second gen I've seen. Good job

Thanks a lot guys!

Are far as how much I paid, I wont say the exact amount.. But I purchased them at Belle Tire and with lugs, senors, ect ect ect.. They were a few hundred over ebay supposedly, But worth it to me for a local transaction, specialty since they order 2 different sets of rims for me to decide, and helped me trim some areas while it was on there lift. Plus I have somewhere togo if I have issues. Piece of Mind.

FLOffroad;3074477 Or there's [URL="" said:
Duner's lift[/URL], but I think 6in of lift with ~33s would look silly.

Wow that is some awesome work! Would love to make one, or better yet go 4 wheel long travel suspension, Just couldn't afford/justify the money to for a DD.

I agree with you on that BL, It looks great and I might have to look into this if I have issues. Right now I can turn lock to lock. I just have to be careful when going over speed bumps, steep driveways, or pot holes at higher speeds. lol

Thing looks mean! I just joined the forum because I'm debating about replacing my GS300 with a sport trac. My ideal set up would be very similar to yours so I have a few questions about how it drives. With the larger wheels and tires did it really throw off mpg and acceleration?

Inspiring other ST owners... hell yea. I know a few trucks out there inspired me. I can say that if your worried about the drive-ability do your self a favor and go with a A/T tire. I read many reviews that the trail grappler was a quite/well handling M/T. While better then others I've had (in 33"-35" 12.5x15) on different trucks, your still going to notice the noise and way the tire drifts over bumps. They do track straight tho. Plus this being the smallest size they come in, I'd say you would be better finding a narrower tire and tucking it under the truck some more. The truck sure would stay cleaner. lol

This being said I wanted that MEAN look only a wild side wall M/T can give, and I'm happy with them. I was willing to Sacrifice some drive-ability.

As far as acceleration I have the V8, So the truck still has plenty of power.. This truck ran 16.05 et in the 1/4 before the tires and would run into the 15's with a better launch on my part. The six speed/stock gears sure helps also.

MPG- They WILL drop! I wasn't concerned with this before hand.. because I figured the taller tire would give me better mpg on the highway. BUT> these tires are HEAVY! and I lost 2 mpg... The only thing I'm unsure on is .. I know taller tires will mess with the speedometer, will they mess with the computer calculated MPG readout???

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Oh yeah, they mess with all of that.
I figured you had somebody do the computer recalibrate when you put the new tires on.

Your speedo and odometer are going to be noticeably off, and it's the minus direction (so, your mileage will be falsely low (good for odo, but will also make your MPG artificially low), but your speed will be falsely low too (so you could likely be speeding and not know)). Speedo, odo, displayed MPG, etc. (even that thing that tells you to change your oil I think) are all based off whatever the computer thinks the tire size is, rotations, etc.

Wherever you get your normal service done should be able to do it without much hassle (it involves the OBDII port). Alternatively, you could buy a programmer or if you have a friend who has one for an Explorer or similar model of same-ish year the programmer should work for your truck too. (Programmer = 'power programmer' or whatever, basically some handheld electronic gismo that can change various settings in your truck's computer, one of which is tire size, you just have to do that, and the speedo and odo will be fixed right back to normal/correct).

Belle Tire may have done that tho, I would maybe ask them to check (or, did they write it somewhere on the check/invoice). It makes sense though that you got a 2MPG drop when swapping up to 33in MTs, I dropped like 1 MPG just for approx. same size ATs.