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new guy with questions


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August 29, 2009
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South philly
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2005 Mercury Mountaineer
hey guys wats goin on. i got a 05 mountaineer n i have a few questions. if you guys can help me out i would appreciate it.

1.) is there any possible way to get my 3rd row seat out?

2.)how do i take my factory running boards off

3.) for the 4.6 V8 is there any other air intake besides the one from k&n...i really cant afford $300 right now. Ive seen plenty of 4.0 intakes on ebay for as low as $40 but none for the V8.

4.) i wanted to get some aftermarket fog lights and mount them in the stock location in the front bumper. wat size do i get? sum1 told me 3 1/2 and sum1 else told me 4".


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welcome to the site

well as far as the intake goes you can always try the spectre build your own intake kits they have at auto zone. Usually pretty easy to do.

Whos aim screen name cause i do not have aim.

does anyone know a "heyu844" its a screen name... i lost it and the guy was being very helpful