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New guy with thermostat housing problems


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June 8, 2011
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This is my first post here and I'm trying to find some help with fixing a friends 2003 sportrac. The thermostat housing appears to be leaking. Its not leaking from the upper thermostat housing but the lower housing. Is the lower housing 2 parts with a gasket it the middle that can fail or is it one part that is to be replaced when it starts to leak. I'd appreciate any help that you guys can give me.

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Yes, the lower piece is 2 pieces glued together.

We had that part go bad on our '06 mustang with the 4.0 sohc. We got a new set of thermostat housing parts (top and bottom) via

Some of the early explorers with that design have threaded in sending units while the later ones have clip in (like the one we have on the mustang).


Should the lower housing be totally replaced or can the two piece lower be fixed.

When you buy the lower housing, its glued together.. Its not supposed to come apart or leak..

Its $33-ish at Rockauto.. and they should have a 5% coupon code in the vendor section here..

This link "should" take you right to the part (upper and lower).
I replaced the upper piece with the lower along just to be safe. The upper piece (goes above the thermostat) is < $10.


edit: while your at it.. might as well change the hose under that housing too since you gonna have it out anyway.

I finally was able to pull everything off and get to the housing. It looks like the plastic rim on the inside that kept the fluid from reaching the outside has broken in certain parts. I put it back together with more sealant and it just leaked all over the place were to two lower housing pieces come together. Called the local ford dealership and they have the lower housing for $58 so thats not to bad. Can anyone tell me how to get those clips back around the sensors. I'm having a hard time with that.

I don't remember having any issues with those clips. I just pushed them back in..

Also, If you have amazon prime, and can wait a day.. they are $38-ish at amazon and overnight shipping is $4.

Of course, if you want it today, go grab it local.. sometimes getting it now is worth more than a little money savings.

BTW, I was looking at what we ordered and the o-ring that goes under that housing was a separate part. It did not come with the lower housing itself.


So I got the part and put it back together and its leaking from the sensors now. Are there any gasket the go into the sensor spots.