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New guy


November 29, 2016
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North East Tennessee
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2001 Explorer XLT
Alright, my name is Lukas and I've got a 2001 Explorer XLT 4wheel drive, v6 sohc,leather seats. with roughly 195,000 miles on her. and everything in and on her is bone stock. I was wandering if there's anything I can do or should do, for upgrades. i.e ( lift kits, bigger tires, better suspension upgraded seats to heated/cooled, more power, the works basically). I seen one on here that a guy had in a magazine that's black and I am wanting something close to that... but it's also my daily driver. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you. and also how do I add pictures?

To add photos you either have to link to photos you have stored elsewhere on the web, like or become a supporting member and then you can upload photos directly to our forums.

There are tons of modifications you can do to your 2001. It's actually a great platform to start with since it's the last year of the 2nd generation Explorer. Just search the Modified 1995-2001 subforum for some ideas.