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July 3, 2019
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2012 Explorer Limited
Hey peoples,

My first time here. Looking for advice on a 2013 Explorer XLT. I did own a Ford Pickup when I was a kid, a 1962 solid body. Great truck. But mostly have been a Chevy guy. No qualms against a Ford, just know the Bow Ties really well.

So now I have this gas hog 2002 Avalanche, runs great and awesome. But need to get a better gas sipper car. I looked at a Traverse, Acadia, Jeep and a few others. But just love the body style of the Gen 5 (?) 2011-2016 Explorers.

I have a mechanical background. Along with painting, CNC Machinist, car rebuilding/restoring, etc...
I found this 2013 Exp. XLT near me, it's white and cream interior. Just what I'm looking for at $11999.00 but.... it has 153,000 miles, :(

I was wondering if it would be worth it to rebuild the engine/tranny/front end bushings, bearings. Exhaust, brakes, driveline, etc... I can do it over a few months. Maybe drop 6 grand into this rig. It would be practically new. I can save up for maybe a 2016 at around $25,000, but really like the idea of a some what restored Explorer. Opinions? Yea or Nay?


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Welcome to this forum! Would it cost $6K just for parts if you do all of the labor?

That's why I was asking. Yes, I can do all the work. Is it worth it? Or are there parts I should really replace? Timing chain, valve job, water pump, etc... ?

Front end parts and rear axle would be a breeze. Engine, I'm not sure. How many miles do these Explorers go for? 200k, 250k?

6K in parts without labor is a big investment considering that you could find an older working vehicle for that price.

It is, if that's all that is needed. At the end of the day, it's restores the Car back to better than old. Would love to get a 2020 Expl, but just short on $$$. I've been trying to contact this guy the last 4 days and no response. Even though he has been reading my messages at FB. Can you say flake?
What a dork :p:shoot: