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new head unit help?!?


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February 26, 2006
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Granby, MA
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2000 Eddie Bauer
power antenna help?!? stock woofer help?!?

i just bought a new pioneer head unit for my 97 xlt, it was a pain to get to the stock amp (jbl premium system) to attach the harness. i wired everything up but i have a few questions.

The Power Antenna does not go up when i turn the head unit on? (right the light blue wire for the power antenna is wired to the light blue wire on aftermarket harness) i saw a previous post about splicing the orange/blue wire to the power wire but i dont have this wire. the two harnesses i have look like this

square harness
rectangle harness

which wire do i splice to get the antenna working??

is there any way i can wire up to still use the stock woofer?

97 JBL power antenna turn on wire

I'm having the same problem. Did anyone figure this one out?

I pulled the radio and both rear amps. I pulled the antenna coax back up under the dash and used a small adapter to plug into my new HU. I can turn on my amp in the back, everything works fine, except the power antenna won't go up.

I don't want to buy a wire harness. I already ran new wire to my new speakers, I have my HU working. I'm guessing I need to connect my HU white/blue wire under the dash, then splice the white/blue wire to some other wire in the back where the old JBL amp/tuner was to make the antenna go up.

On a related note, can I plug an old JVC HU with changer controls into the Ford Changer? I doubt it, but thought I'd ask...

No one knows?

I'm still having this problem...

Power Antenna

Would it hurt anything by guessing? Just jumping 12 volts to each wire in the wireharness until the antenna goes up?

I could start by running the truck with the radio on. Then test each wire in the harness for 12v and lable them.

Then test for continuity to ground and assume these are ground also?

Then the rest of the wires give 12v to each one at a time. Would I still pop fuses?

This is a '97 Eddie Bauer that used to have the JBL system with the 2 amps and sub in the back.