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New Here.... Need Stereo Advice (CD Changer)


July 23, 2004
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Santa Rosa, Ca
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1991 Explorer Sport

I recently bought a 91 Explorer Sport and so far, I'm really happy with it. It's mainly for camping, hunting and work. It currently has a Sony cassette player with CD changer controls built in. It sounds pretty good, but I want to be able to play CD's.

Here's my question(s).... Will the CD Changers that sell at most electronic stores work with the Sony unit or does it have to be a special one? It appears that most of them hook up via the radio antenna cable so I'm wondering how my Sony unit can control the CD Changer functions......... Or would I need to use the remote that comes with the CD Changers and not use the indash controls on my Sony?

Sorry for the silly questions, but I've never used a CD Changer before. I'm actually thinking about pulling the Sony cassette player and putting in a Alpine singe CD player (Circuit City has them on sale)!!!



To use the controls for a cd changer on your head unit you would need to buy a Sony changer that is compatible with it. The ones that hook up through the radio antenna are universal ones, for any head unit.

which means it will be fm modulated but you will need to use that little display they provide in the front of your cabin so that you can change the track numbers and disc's