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NEW hood option available! MUST SEE !!


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May 1, 2015
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Miami, Florida
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2001 Sport Trac
Hey everyone, been a while since I posted, but I found what I believe is a new hood option for us. This will also apply to the facelifted Explorer Sport (2 door) since the body and mechanical are the same from the windshield forward.

This is a Fiberglass hood, from Amerihood. Amerihood is a child company of AIT racing. Doing some research on this company brought up good reviews, from multiple sites.
Click the links for pics. Sorry, not sure how to post.

The hood vents are open, and direct air to the airbox area, so if you have an open air filter, it will get a charge of cold air. alternatively, the hood extractors are open in the rear, so it appears that you will vent some hot air out as well.
I did find this video of the hood interesting;

Please note, that I am in no way, shape or form working for the company, or endorsed by them.
I was just excited that I found this new hood. I did find them reasonably priced online in Ebay.
I searched for;
2002 Explorer Sport Fiberglass

I should have the money to buy one in like 2-3 months. will update once bought and installed. If someone were to boy one and try it before I do, please do post what your findings were!

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I understand the desire for aftermarket hoods for the Sport Trac because there aren't any, but that one looks ricer-ish like what a kid would put on his Honda Civic to impress his highschool buddies. For me, if the hood has ANY front opening it needs to be functional and DIRECTLY ducted (not around) to the airbox. If not ducted straight to the airbox you're looking at getting dirt/debris from the road accumulating atop of the motor and constantly having to pressure wash it.

I would be in like Flynn if a well known company like Cervini or Kaenen would make a hood like on the 2001-2003 Ranger Edge.

or even a wide cowl hood with a smooth rise instead of jagged visible lines like they do for SN-95 Mustang. In a nutshell, something that doesn't make the Sport Trac look like a ricer owns it.

I do not believe that this particular design on the hood will make it look anything riced out. The openings on the hood are functional, and yes, they do route the air to the airbox area. Like I said, It appears you would benefit more from an open air element though.

I am going for a street rod look, and this hood is enough to make any ST stand out, while again, having a "functional hood"

It certainly is better than going to Pep boys and sticking on hood vents- causing drag, looking awkward, not sitting flush, and doing nothing.

I've seen lifted trucks with this hood design, and I admire it. it makes it look that much more aggressive. I think it would look good on a lifted pavement queen, or a lowered street truck.

I do agree with you, that if another reputable company, like Cervini made a hood, I would be all over it.

If there's anyone out there with photoshop ability, can someone please mock up a pick of this hood?

I too think it looks real good! I would love to see a real one on an Ex.

My first thought was it looks like the hood on a 2007-era Shelby Mustang.

I think it looks pretty good! I'm more into cowl hoods that a few members on here have fabbed up. I'm surprised to see someone making something for our trucks again.

My first thought was it looks like the hood on a 2007-era Shelby Mustang.

I thought the same thing. It certainly channels the Ford look, in that respect.

That wouldn't look too bad considering the hood is still slightly too large in your photoshop, (and that's not criticizing your work). Thanks, Luke!

Have you personally tried the 30 pound water jug test? I'd love to know if this product has any flex or eventual heat "sag"