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New Interstate Trailer


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April 10, 2000
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95 JEEP Wrangler
I wanted to get my trailer finally, and thought, I might as well buy it once and be done with it. Interstate 10k 18ft deck w/ 2.5ft tail. 6in ch frame 5200k axles w/dexter easy lube hubs 6 bolt 15in wheels w/ D tires. I like it, and pulls pretty well. Gotta get the trailer brake controler set though. Also, out the door just under 3100 tax, title, license and a spare. Service was fantastic!
Threw in a new drop hitch and ball on the deal for nothin.

I highly suggest this company to anyone, but midwest guys may find them to be pretty central off I-80.

Also, I built a tool box. 2x2 frame 3/8ply on the side and 3/4 on top. Oil primer and then paint. Top was sealed with 2 coats of fiberglass resin.

Enjoy :cool: