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new lift stuff!!!!!!!


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August 18, 2007
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Los Angeles, California
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'93 4x4
ok so today i ordered my deaver leaf pack.
i also picked up f150 spring perches and camber adjust bushings.

the deaver pack is suposed to be 2.5" lift
and the perches are 1.5" lift.

so i need another inch or more lift in the front to make it sit the way i want.
tough country has 1.5" lift coils. that i might get.

my issue is alignment. my bushings say they provide 4 degrees of adjustment. is 4 degrees going to be enough for 3" of lift?

so i will install the coil seats tomorrow. and the leaf pack should arive on monday or tuesday. i am just running some rancho5000's all around until i get some time to build some shock hoops for smooth bodies or bypass shocks.

i am pretty sure 4 degrees is enough for 3" of lift. i just wanted to see if any of you KNOW for a fact. i saw Tbars write up and they adjusted his truck with 2" over springs plus the coil seats. basically the same set up i am doing....

ill post pics of the install and the before and after for all of you to see :D

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Once you get near 2" of lift in the front you need at least axle pivot drop brackets.. Some people can get away with 2" lift with no brackets, but most can't. You should also get RA drop brackets or extended RA arms.. w/out longe Radius arms or at least drop brackets your caster will be way off and you can end up with bad wobble (think shopping cart wheel wobble).

Rough county makes Axle pivot drop brackets.. i've even seen them for sale at JC whitney.


...The reason I put the f150 coil seats on and as many other lifted vehicles on here do, is to reclaim our front end stance from the sagging coil springs...Mine had sagged about an inch...Keeping the soft stock coil springs in my opinion, allows the front to flex better than installing stiff new 2" coil springs...

...Dealing with new springs there is no sag and in fact, your truck will sit higher until the springs settle in...

...Anything over 2" will need axle pivot brackets just as maniak had mentioned...:thumbsup:

dang i was hoping not to need axle drop brackets.

i figured the radius arms would have to be corrected, i planned on getting extended RA's REALLY soon

so that kinda sucks, i was just hoping to set up the front so it would sit right until i take the time to do the front suspension right.
but suspension connection has 2" axle drop brakets for $185, so ill just order those for now
i plan on using some one ton beams off of an early ford 2wd van in the future, equal length forged one ton beams will be awesome
so i guess my budget lift will be delayed for another weekend haha
thanks guys

...Keep us posted in this thread and post some pics here as it progress's...;)

well im going to go ahead and do the perches tomorrow and i will take pics and when i pick up the deavers on tuesday ill post pics.

i just dont wanna lift the back without the front being done.

so ya ill keep things posted

why is everyone against the forward byased stance?

It looks great on mine.

haha im not against it just with what i have now i can only do 1.5" lift front and the deaver springs will give me 2.5" i think it would look funny.

personal preference i guess, i like the front around an inch higher than the back.

im going to start working on it in a couple minutes. ill post back later today

im going to get extended radium arms, i dont really want RA drop brackets

ok so there was a delay on stuff.
first i left my tools at my dads house so i didnt have a big enough wrench for the spring nut.

then i lost my adapter for my keyed lugnuts, and im trying to find it and/or a small shop to take off the old keyed ones.

really lame

but i got my leafs today, so hopefully by the weekend?

I posted pics on myspace, my comp doesnt have photo edit stuff

if you take those web addresses and insert them in the picture tool, we won't have to click em.

i think one more click wont hurt ;)

but thanks for informing me :thumbsup: