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New meber from Germany


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May 3, 2011
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City, State
Rommerskirchen near Duesseldorf, North Rhine Westphalia, Germany
Year, Model & Trim Level
2001 XLT
Hello to Everybody,
I’m Olaf from Germany. At first I have to apologize for my bad English knowledge and I hope you all can survive.
I’m married and I have been living in Rommerskirchen since October 2000. Rommerskirchen is a small City between Duesseldorf and Cologne.
I have been working in the German Air force as an Aircraft mechanics at Phantom F4 since 1988. Since 5 Years I’m working as an IT-specialist.
My favorite hobby is offroading with my Explorer which I bought last year in July. I’m also a member in a German Explorer Forum which is organized very well and we also have some specialists for Explorers, Rangers and F series. Once a year we have a Europe Explorer event.
I hope I can learn a lot from you to provide my Explorer to keep it running.

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Guten tag!

Wie gehts?


Welcome to the forum! :thumbsup:

I looked at your forum and I am impressed at how large it is. Very cool :)

Privet Rommelino! big hello to you! My name is Albert, I am from Moscow, but I spent 4 years in Germany, I served in Germany from 1990 to 1994, was the commander of a tank company, lived in Bernau, and then in Wünsdorf, the country of Germany I like, I want once again tam visit, if possible, I do not speak English and use translator, but for America and Russia more cars - that's fine, but for Europe - it is not typical, Europe does not like big cars. I am very glad to see you on this forum, I think we became friends and we communicate in this forum

Welcome to this forum!

..That is what I was going to say..

..Good day..

..How are you (es Ihnen)

..and most of all, Welcome here..:salute:

That's compliments of 4 years of German classes in high school & one trip to Germany 9 years ago lol.

Many thanks for all greetings. I know that my English knowledge is not the best but I hope it is enough to be able to understand all threads.
Next year I will go to Oahu (Hawaii) and I will visit my US Army friend from my last post in Join Force Command HQ Brunssum. He moved to Hawaii for his next assignment.

welcome to the site