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New Member... 08 Mountaineer Driving me NUTS

Sharon Powers-Jacob

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May 15, 2018
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West Berlin, NJ
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2008 Mercury Mountaineer
Hey yall... so I have a 2008 Mercury Mountaineer with 180k miles on it. She runs GREAT! But this "Check fuel inlet" message that keeps showing up on my dash board every time it rains, is driving me insane. Does anyone know how to make it stop? Ive tried cleaning it out and all but it still does it... every time it rains. And my check engine light is staying on also. Replaced the EGR Valve, reset the light by disconnecting the battery, but it came back on and we are getting the same EGR code (I can post the actual code tomorrow I dont have it in front of me right now) there were two codes. Do yall think one has to do with the other? Maybe?
Help! please. Thanks

Edited to add... Its a capless fuel system. Probably the WORST design Ford/Lincoln/Mercury has EVER come up with.

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For quite a while my CEL would pop on in my 07 explorer showing I had a smal evap leak. I changed the filler cap with a generic one from the auto parts store but the light would still pop on whenever I got on the freeway. I decided I'd try a motorcraft cap and that seems to have solved the issue. Consequently I also changed the fuel filter at the same time and I think there's a possibility that the filter might have been somewhat responsible for assisting in the small evap leak. Anyway, it's a sensitive system and I would highly recommend replacing the cap with a motorcraft fuel cap and see if that solves your issue.

On the other hand it is rather odd that it only happens when it rains but I would still start with replacing the cap. Also check to make sure there's no rust in your filler neck.

there is no cap. Its a capless fuel system. Im sorry I probably should have put that in my original posting.

Two things:
1. Check the vacuum line from the manifold to the evap control valve. If you rub it and it turns your fingers black replace it. 30 inches of fuel line will run about $5.
2. Check your wiring harness at the MAF, throttle body, fan, and distributor for worn insulation. Repair as needed.
reference: Found my ghosts in the machine

Call your dealer to check your VIN, there was an extended warranty on the capless fuel inlet. My 2010 was replaced a couple years ago.