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New member - 2008 Explorer Sport Trac keeps shutting off


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May 5, 2017
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2008 Explorer Sport Trac
Hi everyone. Noob here with little knowledge about cars so please be gentle LOL...

I have a 2008 Sport Trac in South America. There are tons of steep hills and inclines here...

The car turns off occasionally when I'm on a decline. The "Check charging system" notification comes up on the dash in red, as does "Check brake system." I lose power and can barely steer. The brakes do work.

Sometimes if I take the key out then insert it and start the ignition, the car will start again and I can drive off. Other times it'll take a bunch of tries. One time it basically died and the check engine light came on.

Here are some things of note:

1. I have a speaker/amp system hooked up. Could that be sucking the juice out of the battery while the car is off and make it turn off while driving? Is it an alternator issue?

2. Sometimes I smell fuel if I start the car and am in a garage. (possible fuel pump issue)

3. I took it to Ford here and the guy said it feels underpowered and lacks pep. For this plus the fuel smell we suspected a possible fuel pump issue is causing the car to turn off.

4. Like an idiot, I had the stock muffler removed (they shaved about a foot of the pipe off of the end) and put on a custom muffler. During this process they removed the catalytic converter and just put a straight pipe in its place...

Seeing as how that may be an issue, I had them put the cat. converter back on. Once they did that, the car didn't stop until about 5 weeks later (now). The Ford guy said that could be another issue causing the car to shut off.

5. The truck has a coolant leak.

6. After looking around the Net, possible causes seem to be a bad fuel pump, alternator, or plugged up exhaust.

I'm ready to sell the car because of this issue. It's hard to find good mechanics down here like in the US that I can trust.

Has anybody had this problem of their Sport Trac turning off intermittently?

Please help!

I think its fuel system related. Does it die out on a decline angle when the tank if full of gas?

Yes. Once I filled the truck up, took off from the gas station, and within 20 seconds it turned off. I'm guessing it's the fuel pump.