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New member 95 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 4.0 window wiring


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November 18, 2019
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Sebring Florida
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1995 Ford Explorer XLT
Thank you for letting me Join the group I currently own an 1995 Explorer xlt The truck runs great besides having the problem with the windows electrical problem I can’t seem to figure out where the light blue wire black stripe would go into the pin connector I will add more photos when day light comes it is a pin connector


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The only light blue/black I can find is the main 12V power run to the master control switch panel in the driver's armrest. It should be lt blue/black at the panel, over to the connector, then on the mating connector through the fender, into the vehicle towards the accessory delay relay.

My point is that if it has come off one of the two mating halves of the connector, you should be able to find which pin by looking at the same wire color on the other mating half of the connector.

If worst comes to worst you could just run the wire without bothering with the connector, even if you need to drill separate holes and use grommets to keep the wire from getting cut up by the sharp metal edge of the holes, then solder (and headshrink insulate) to the light blue and black wires on both ends. If you do that, remember to leave some slack for the door opening and closing. I might even put enough slack to form a loop of wire in the hinge area to further decrease how sharply the wire flexes.

I see where it is meeting with the fender I will try to send you some pictures if it allows me too the wire that is stripped is the light blue with the black stripe going down the side I do not know where to insert that wire into the pin connector that is Connected to the door but I can release it when I loosen the
10 mm bolt I do see where the blue wire is going into the master switch

I have a 96, got some new doors a while back and the yard cut the boot and sent the whole a pillar harness with it, Ill open it up and send you a picture tomorrow if I can find it.

blue with black goes to pin 36


on the top of the door boot remove the 10mm bolt that is under the round cap, that will allow you to take the vehicle side of the boot loose from the door side . Then you can take a pick and remove the orange terminal retainer. that will give you access to the area where your wire pulled out of its terminal. you will need to crimp the wire with a new terminal or recycle the old terminal if it's salvageable.