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New member from Lakeland, FL


May 12, 2019
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Lakeland, FL
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2015 Ford Explorer XLT
New member here from Lakeland, FL. Just got a great deal on a lightly used 2015 Explorer XLT one owner. 98 percent condition with 37k on the clock. Been lurking around here for a few months now since I bought the truck but decided to join tonight. Hoping to contribute as well as get some questions answered.

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Welcome aboard from Tampa, FL! Congrats on the new ride.

Welcome to this forum!

Thanks guys. So far I’m loving it. So far, I’ve had the front windows tinted, a tint strip on the windshield, installed my rechargeable LED Streamlight in the trunk, and put Weathertech floor mats all around. Got a few other things I want to do as well.