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New Member in SE PA, 2010 Eddie Bauer V8


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January 20, 2016
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2010 Ford Explorer E.B.
Hey all! I have a slew of tech posts I want to start, but felt it was rude without introducing myself...whether people read this first or not!

My 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited was getting a little tight. I have two little ones now, and Im a big dude, and there just wasnt enough space. I LOVED that car. It was extremely fast for what it was, and handled great. Nothing better in the snow. So I sold that online and snagged a clean 2010 Explorer Eddie Bauer.

Truck is pretty nice. One of the pictures shows a scratch that the seller had fixed before the sale, and its a VERY nice spray job for the fix. No touchups. He was a first responder so there are a few little screw holes and interior dings that I would like to clean up. I found most of the replacement pieces very reasonably priced online so that made me happy.

Truck has a couple of mods that I honestly would have wanted to do. It has a viper alarm with smart start...starting it from my bed this morning and having it nice and toasty for my drive was NICE. It has a Pioneer AVIC-Z130bt, which Im on the fence with. Its kind of clunky. I had a tablet installed in my Subi dash that I might end up using. And finally it has a Magnaflow catback, which I LOVE. It sounds great.

I have a few questions that Ill be popping up. Mainly about the gauge/instrument lighting, door mirror signals, etc. Im on several other forums such as,,, and a couple others as "ghettocruiser". So if you recognize me...say hey!

On to some pics! These are mostly the sellers pics, as its covered in road grime at the moment. And its killing me! Haha. Im not sure if Im keeping the bull bar...but that hitch step is coming off ASAP. I need the bolt key which the seller forgot.








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Welcome. Nice looking Explorer.

Thanks! Ive only seen a picture of it clean and in the sun. Its been covered in road grime and weather has been cloudy since I got it. Come on spring!!!