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New Member
October 3, 2020
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2007 Ranger FX4
2003 ST
I've been enjoying this forum for years (5 at least), finally decided to join. The help and insight has been invaluable, thank you all for sharing your challenges and solutions. Installing a remanufactured 4.0 in my 2007 Ranger, overheated and cracked a head (my fault, over heating was Ford's fault, plastic T-stat housing, really?)
The engine was built in 2001, got a heck of a deal, it's just been taking up space in the seller's warehouse. The core charge from Ford was more than what I picked it up for. Of course having to change some bolt-ons (wish I could've used the aluminum valve covers that came with the new engine). When I pulled the old engine I found the rear timing cassette was toast so would've eventually had to pull it anyway. That's 3 Ford 4.0's I own with TC issues ('03 Explorer Sport 2WD, '03 ST 4WD, and my 4WD Ranger. Also own a '98 Ex I picked up for parts that will still start right up.
Anyway, I'm installing an aircraft pre-oiler because I'm hoping not to have TC issues again. Will be posting pics of what I did along with a parts list, hoping to be helpful. I've seen many questions about pre-oilers here and have had quite the adventure finding parts that fit in the spaces I have to work with, without modifications such as relocating the battery, etc. So howdy all. Keep on doing what you do!
p.s. I've been wrenching on my own vehicles for almost 50 years, 80's were MUCH easier! Got some quotes to have mechanics I know put in the engine I bought, most wanted at least $3K just for the labor!


Elite Explorer
December 31, 2013
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In my garage working on one of our vehicles.
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Toms River, NJ / Horsepasture, Virginia.
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00 Ranger 4x4, 99 Sport.