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New Member Saying Hello


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September 24, 2009
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Ottawa Ontario
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97 Eddie Bauer
Hey There

I'm Ryan and am new here. I have owned a 1997 Eddie Bauer Explorer for about 8 years now. About a year ago alot of noise started coming from the hood, after some diagnostic were done (not by me) it was going to cost us about $3000 to have it fixed so we started looking for something else. We bought a Nissan Xterra but never got rid of the old explorer. We have moved into a new house now and I have decided that I am going to turn this old beast into an off road vehical.

The old engine has about 278 thousand KM's on it so I have started looking for a newer one. Once I have finished changing it I would like to put at least a 3 inch body lift on it and maybe a suspension lift as well.

I will let everyone here know how it is going and post some pictures once I get a chance to do something important on it and am willing to read any feed back or sugestions that anyone can give me.


welcome ryan

hey ryan welcome look into autofab for the ex they put out some nice suspension lifts. long travel that you can drive on and off road