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New Member To The Family....


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January 26, 2004
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Well, my girlfriend decided to get a puppy (never really had a dog/pet before) -- so I took her up to the SPCA and she found a little All-American Mix puppy sleeping its heart out. But, once we got her home and she met my two dogs (older Black Labs) -- she was jumping and doing everything a little puppy does. Here's a picture: (she is 2 months)


She's pretty cool ain't she? Here are some more pictures of her and the family: Dixie

Obviously, her name is dixie, weights 11 lbs, and keeps me up all night crying to be let in. She isn't potty trained yet, so of coarse she's in the garage until she is - but I think she'll be out of there soon, she has done WONDERFUL in the house *knocking on wood*. They said she seems to be a mix of a black lab, german shepard, and possibly a begal or hound. But whatever it is -- she's a keeper.


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Good lookin dawg you got there. I miss my dogs. :(

Cool looking dog, i want one, but my cat hates other animals, and my parents dont want one, guess ill wait till i move out on my own...

Perfect! :thumbsup:


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She has gotten bigger. 28 lbs as of earlier this week. She is at my girls place for now, she'll probably stay there as well. But she likes to come over to see my dogs once in awhile and we plan to take her to the river a lot to swim in the river (thankfully she likes water)


ExplorerDMB said:
So what, no one likes my dog? ha


I like your dog. She is a nice looking dog.

Sweet pup, makes me happy, makes me sad, Mine has to go to the final round up shortly, enjoy

spindlecone said:
Sweet pup, makes me happy, makes me sad, Mine has to go to the final round up shortly, enjoy

Just went through that last month with our little friend. Its tough. It seems ironic to me that for almost 14 years we did everything we could to protect her and in the end, we had to take her to the vet to have her put down.

hopefully it gets like 150 pounds... haha, i think huge dogs are SWEET

I wish it would get huge, but i think it's only going to get like 50 pounds or possibly 60 -- not too big. Not big enough for me atleast.


Old thread, but here goes:

This is Sadie:

The picture the shelter posted:

And now I know why this thread was abandoned.

Because it's a major PITA to post a pic. Most forums are drag 'n' drop. This one wants me to put it on a web share and provide the link. I gave up on Photobucket years ago.