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New member with 2015 PIU


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June 17, 2021
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2015 Interceptor Utility
Hello all. New to the forum and proud owner of a 2015 PIU, a retired unit out of South Carolina. Recently took it to a local dealer to have the TPMS message diagnosed. Apparently their are 4 or 5 plugs that do not have a home in my center console. What they are telling me is there is a module missing for the TPMS. Was wondering if anyone knows what module is missing and if possible the part number. Thank you all In advance for any info!

Welcome to this forum! Maybe a dealer might be able to help you if they have another one in stock. They could see what goes in that area. Another way to find out is to look at the color codes on a wiring diagram then compare it to the color codes of the wiring on those plugs.

Check this thread for info: