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December 2, 2010
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2000 Ranger
Hey guys, my names collin and I figured I should join after a lil browsing. My normal hangout is RF but im enjoying myself here too. I go to school at PSU's altoona campus for criminal justice. I like shooting, gaming , and modding the truck haha.

I own a dark green 4x4 2000 ford ranger. I got this truck in august from my grandparents because they bought a f250 for a tow rig (Im lucky). It has some rust issues and a dent from hitting a deer but that just gives me a reason to build a front bumper!

The rear bumper was badly rusted and I wanted something that would take some damage so me and my pap built a custom bumper. Its not the greatest and I plan on changing it later but it works for now. After that I bought a expo westin brushguard without brackets for 60 bucks! Yet again me and my pap made brackets that were better than they would have been if I just bought them, their made out of half inch plate and welded to the frame.

Ill post some pics tomorrow.

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This is the first day I got it.

Interior shot with the installed dual audio head unit.

I cleaned up and painted my step bars.

Next I hit a deer goin 45 and only broke a fog and a dent.


Next I bought the brushguard and mounted it.

and a pick of my brackets.

And finally how it stands today.

Hey PAshooter!
Haven't I seen you over at the PAFOA?

Welcome to another Central PA resident!

Thanks guys.

Im talkin to guy about getting a body lift, and im also buying a vinyl floor to swap out the carpet.

G'day Col, you're truck looks choice mate. Welcome and keep up the pics.:)