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New member


New Member
January 10, 2010
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West Hills, California
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'02 Ranger
Hello Gang
Just joined forum. Still drive my 02 Ranger that I've had since new.
Got about 240,000 miles and want to keep going. Had engine rebuilt last month. Not too excited with the funky shakes at idle, the poor gas mileage (16 or less -- 3.0 engine) and what seems to be loss of power.
I'm also dealing with a steering pump that groans and a front end that has developed a case of the shakes.
Point is: I'll be looking through posts for help on getting this old rig a bit more road worthy.
Thanks. I've gotten help in the past. Now I can post too. Yippie!


Moderator & long time member.
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November 11, 2005
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Brooklyn, NY
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88 89 93 95 96 Aerostars