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New Mexico fall colors my trip on 9-29


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February 2, 2000
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1991 XLT


Well I got back a few hours ago from wheeling all day in central New Mexico. It was a great trip. I did old trails as well as new trails. I started the day doing the La Bajada trail with my stocker. Lots of off camber that could pitch it into many volcanic rocks. I only did 1/8 of the trail before I turned around seeing that there was a huge dip in the road with alot of rocks that i didnt have the flex for. On the way back down I got a cactus stuck to my knee when I got out to take a pic.

I proceeded to do a forrest road that i have been on many times before. Lots of aspens changing color. After that I went to a small lake that has some private property that I have access to. Lots of yellow aspens there as well. From here i proceeded to another part of the mountain where i have been numerous times before. I found some cool hillclimbs that a modified explorer could do, I didnt even try them b/c I am not locked. After that I found a new trail to explore, it was rather interesting as it wound all over in between tight trees and rocks and just looped back to the main road.

Here are some pics:

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Hey Brian looks like you had alot of fun, great pics too!

Good pictures Brian, but were is the rest of your group? Don't you know you shouldn't go wheeling by yourself????

That does look like fun, Brian. Thanks for sharing the pics with us! Makes me want to get back up there one last time (at least) before the season is over. Guess I'll have to start a new thread... :)

Ah man Brian, You're making me homesick.
Good pictures! I gotta get back there soon.

That top pic looked nothing like the new mexico I've ever seen, and then I saw the second pic.LOL! I love the fall colors.:D

Perry, yes i was by myself, thats why i took it extremly easy on trails I have done numerous times.

Ray, come see your family again here and maybe we could get together and do a day run or something. You are still one person I want to meet.

Rustytr, i guess that second pic does ruin it huh? although it does have some pretty yellow bushes. See what everyone is missing by not wheeling in New Mexico :D