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New Mods and Ideas


May 12, 2002
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Rosemount, Minnesota
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94' XLT
I'am currently adding a few more mods to my 94 X. the first two are exterior add ons, then two interior add ons. And finally a question. Warning: this post is fully illustrated. LOL

The first mod that I'm adding is a True Radius bending Grille/Brush Guard Combo.
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I have been looking at a Grille Guard at JcWhitney but it only mounts to the bumper and looks kind of weird. This seems to be my best bet. I'm planning on welding a steel mesh behind the openings to protect the grille and headlights even more, what do you guys think?

Second on my list is to add a pair of 6'' Hella driving lights to the brushguard. I've ordered a pair of KC HiLites Daylighter light covers for them because I like the sunglasses better. ;) :D Then I'll probably take my existing fogs and hang them upside down from the bar below the Hella's.

My first interior add on will be a Garmin GPS V. I've been waiting a while to get a GPS and finally decided to go ahead with it. Dead Link Removed

I also purchased a Cobra 148 NW ST Mobile CB. With two 4 1/2' black fiberglass whip antennas. I will mount the PA speaker under the hood behind the grille.

And then my question is: can anybody tell me where I can find that off road roof rack that attaches to your stock roof rack bars? I've seen exploreers with it before and would like one myself. I looked all over and cannot find a thing.

Thats for your comments and answers. Pictures coming when all is installed. For current pics visit

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I believe I got my rack mount from a truck stop. Most big truck stops have shops with all kinds of CB stuff.

What model Hellas do you want to get? I've had two different types, and wasn't happy with either. I thought the mounting/aiming method sucks, the plastic housing is cheap and cracks, and the lighting is average.
Just get some KC's to put under the KC covers! They are pretty reasonablely priced, are all steel housing, really put out good light, and have a lifetime guarantee.
<tell us what you REALLY think, Bill>:D

I agree 100%. The Hella's are el junko.
The KC's are not. They are tough! I guess thats why those daylighter happy faces got to be so famous (and expensive! $15 for a light cover! ouch!)

Lifetime warranty? MAn I gotta read instructions more.

I finally broke down and spent the $$$ for some stainless KC 5x7's to mount on my roof rack. Man are they nice! However I left them on one night and they melted the plastic lens and the plastic lens cover. The original package came with yellow lenses and two sets of clear lenses (driving and fog) So I just put the fog lenses on and bought osme of the nice fabric stretchy KC covers.

Are you telling me that KC will replace my melted plastic lense for free?

I had some crappy Hella 7" round lights on my rack for about 3 years, I have a custommount for them on my Yakima rack and I keep the folded down when not in use (folded flat, parallel with roof, pointing straight at the sky) and the Hella's actually filled up with water one rainstorm. The KC's dont, they are sealed and they are about 1000x's better then the Hella plastic junk.

Originally posted by 410Fortune

Lifetime warranty? MAn I gotta read instructions more.
Are you telling me that KC will replace my melted plastic lense for free?
Well, the warranty doesn't cover stupidity!! J/K, I melted a few covers on the Hellas!
And now that I think about it more, it's not lifetime, it's 27 years, I think. Still pretty good!