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New MP3 Head Unit


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April 8, 2002
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Finally found the head unit that I wanted and did everything I need, and nothind I didn't. Found it on Ebay. I picked up a Ford/Pioneer MP3/Single CD, Cassette unit. Works awsome, sounds great, and having only a few discs in the car now is awsome! And no one can tell you have somewhat of a system in your truck now!


They do make this in a 6 disc without the cassette, but it was a considerably higher priced.

Nice, why did you choose to go with that over an aftermarket unit?

There were a number of factors that pointed me to a stock unit. I really disliked having a spacer around my aftermarket Kenwood. It didn't look good. I could never get it to fit right, it slid out at times, and it rattled. The aftermarket ones have small buttons and difficult menus. My stock one would have been fine, but it was a Mach unit, in a premium system, just didn't work, didn't do what I wanted it to do. So I've been doing some research and found a model that looks similar to the stockers. But it didn't display text. And with hundereds of songs, you need some text. So I've just kept an eye out on ebay and this one popped up as well as an extremely high priced 6 disc that was identical to this one. And I won this on Chirstmas Eve. Seems to work as good as my 7 or 8 year old Kenwood. I actually think my sub hits a little harder with it.