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New Navajo Guy


June 16, 2018
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Good Evening,

Having owned a lot of vehicles in the past, including a few Fords, I enjoy these forums. To save miles on my '18 JK Recon, I was in search of a commuter for $2,500 or under. I'm racking up 109 miles per day commuting to work for a while. Searching around I came across a one-owner 1994 Navajo 5spd manual. It is black with the tan interior. No mods. Clutch is still tight. 89,000 miles on it. Never towed anything. Still has the factory shocks! Came with the original window sticker too. I paid $2,000 for it. I thought that was fair, considering the guy wanted $3,400.

I look forward to learning on here. I'll go pick it up tomorrow afternoon. It needs an exhaust...sounds kinda loud now. I'll put new shocks on it. 4HI and 4LO work as I tested them in gravel. I'm going to change all the fluids in it as it looks like it sat for a bit...meaning a few years because the oil filter has rust bubbles under the paint. Original ball joints look good, just need some grease for now. U-joints all look good. No noises or binding at full lock. Trans is a bit notchy, but no grinding or shaking so I think it just needs some new ATF.


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Sounds like a steal!
I've never seen a Navajo in any other color but white, black sounds sharp. Post a pic if and when you can.
Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to this forum! The mileage is very low considering its age.

I just built my list on for repair parts. Just over $1,500 shipped!

I think that’s a great deal. However, I think it’s a terrible vehicle to run 500+ miles a week.