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Completed Project New Navajo Truggy build

Use this prefix for completed projects that are not "How to" articles or threads asking for help.
Ouch, hopefully you get to feeling better.

Also, if I done less talking about what needs to be done to my explorer, I think it would have already been done. Mine had a lot of issues, still does, and I figure I would replace everything that's broken or nearly broken before any hostile modifications are done. That way I'll know how much I like the explorer at near factory condition before I lift it, if it makes it that far.

My biggest issues are time and money, but if I had a workshop like yours, mine would have already been done. It's a great looking/sized shop, makes mine look like a storage unit *cries*. You also have a very nice house, I know this thread is about your build, but if you could post some pictures of your workshop and outside of your house, I would like that :)

Overall great work on your project, I see a ton of custom fabrication work and it is all turning out really great. Keep it up and sorry I voted for Jason as he has helped me out a lot with troubleshooting my explorer, if TBars was listed, he would have taken my vote hands down.

Still, even if you don't win. You still have an amazing play toy and while your laid up, you get to think about everything you have already planned to do to it, and what has not been planned yet :D

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Congrats on the membership. I have enjoyed following your thread.

Take care of yourself and heal up.

Currie sway bar version 2.0

Hey guys. I've been OOC for the last few months following my C4, 5, 6 spinal fusion. Doing much better. Back in the Gym and finally back to the Truggy.

If you remembered one of my last posts I had some trouble with the Currie Anti-Rock sway bar.
Here is a little back ground.
I visited Currie Enterprises when purchasing my sway bar. I bought the universal sway bars with the bend in them. It was a 22 1/2"deg bend.
This set up would not clear my track bar frame mount. Currie said that I could add more bend in the arms. Thats what I did.

The second trip out I ended up bending one side pretty bad



I went back to Currie and Mr. John Currie gave me a new set of arms. I know that I needed to modify the arms if I wanted to run the sort of angle necessary to clear my track bar mount. Here are the pics of the new sway bar mounts

I started out bending the new arms to a 45 deg angle (just like the old ones). I added some 3/16" plate to keep them from twisting.



Cut out some templates to box them in





If these twist I'm at a loss.

As always, your skillz are incredible. Especially after back surgery!!!

And Welcome Back, sounds like you are recovering fast! Glad to hear you are doing so well after multiple fusion. How is your mobility?

Holy crap, you have GOT to show Currie what you did to their arms!! :eek:
They build stout stuff, but the original parts may as well be wet noodles, as compared to what you did to them! :salute:

I wrote John Curry and sent him a link to this thread.

Wanted to let every one know Currie really stood by their product. John is a class act.

Having suffered C2-4 cracks last summer, and crushed T9 with T7-12 fusion from a bicycle wreck, what did you do to yourself? I have 2 rods and 10 screws in my back forever now, but the neck healed well. Long ways still to go to normal after 10 months...

Having suffered C2-4 cracks last summer, and crushed T9 with T7-12 fusion from a bicycle wreck, what did you do to yourself? I have 2 rods and 10 screws in my back forever now, but the neck healed well. Long ways still to go to normal after 10 months...

Mine was from a accident back in the Coast Guard. I was a rescue swimmer training new guys in the pool. After the training I was over I showing off my back flip skills. That didn't end too well. I ended up hitting bottom and thought I broke my neck. Fortunately it was only herniated discs. I've been living with this injury since 98. I finally couldn't take it anymore and went under the knife.

I'm very happy with the outcome. The only pain I have now is when I sleep being kinked by the pillow.

The only limited mobility now is when I make U turns under the sheets, I fall off the bed. LOL

Hope you heal up.

Reminds me of a kid that worked for me in the Navy. He and a few friends were diving off rocks into shallow water in the La Jolla, Ca area. He hit bad and was off work for a week. But seemed to "bounce" back OK. I have no idea what happened after I left that ship...

Mine, downhill about 40MPH on a roadbike. Front went flat, don't know why. I have no memory of it. Headfirst, helmet saved my life, my friend riding with me is a former EMT and wouldn't let me get up. If I'd gotten uo, I'd be paralyzed. I'm about 90%, in the gym a couple times a week. Harder to heal once you pass 40.

Awesome build, brother. Awesome build.

I'm going to a 5spd baby

I just picked up a 94 Explorer sport last night. $500.00 is what I paid. The only thing that was wrong with it was the clutch slave cylinder was blown. It has 90K miles, working AC, 5spd, 4x4 (electric T case). My plans is to swap everything and get rid of the POS automatic.
The engine in the Navajo has a bad rod knock so thats going, as well as the AC

Anyone in the market for a good used automatic transmission????




Cant wait to see whats in store for the Ex! And wow, I dont see any visible rust.

Rock crawler clutch

I'm ready to swap in the 4.0 and 5spd from the doner explorer. I did some research on what is the popular clutch set up for a rock crawler. What I found out is there were many different opinions and none seemed to be consistent. I couldn't bring myself to pay $400 on a Centerforce. I ended up calling Phoenix Friction Products (877) 570-5630 and talked to Bill Sanders ( These guys make clutches to suit individual needs. I gave him a little back ground of my project and he created a custom clutch set up using Kevlar. He says Kevlar doesn't wear out the mating surface, doesn't get hot, wears very little, pretty much designed to be slipped and is used in rock crawler applications.

Ironically he was just contacted by a large Jeep club and made some clutches for them and the customers were extremely happy with the performance

He didn't have a clutch for a Explorer but after my conversation with him and telling him about the Explorer Forum a clutch is now available. PN 07-096.2KF for $276.27 including pressure plate, throw out bearing, Kevlar clutch and alignment tool.
I should receive the clutch soon and will document the installation as well as its performance.
Please contact Bill if you are interested in a similar set up.

Progress so far with the Truggy is the engine trans and T case are removed. I'm working on boxing in the frame, new fuel lines, and soon to drop in new engine and 5spd as well as AC.

Nice, gotta love getting more aftermarket support.

Boxing in the frame

Finished boxing in the frame a few weeks ago. Just getting around to posting the pictures.




Axle track bar mount fabrication

I ended up ripping out the front coil over shock hoops, bump stop mounts, track bar mount, pretty much everything but the front steering.

The reason is I wanted to go with F.O.A 16" 2.5 coil over.

The stock location of the track bar (axle side) doesnt let the axle travel far enough up. I had to put a bend in the track bar to clear the pumpkin. After a couple trips out I noticed that the bend had bent more. I'm not sure if it made contact with the pumpkin or what.

I knew I needed to do something about the stock axle track bar mount location. I ended up raising the mount location 3 3/8" higher than stock. This allows me to get every bit of up travel possible and not make contact with the pumpkin and run a strait track bar tube.

Here are the steps I took to fabricate the new mount.
















Track bar mount and bump stops AGAIN

I'm really getting tired of doing fab twice. Serves me right for changing my mind and going with 16" C/O

Started off with the track bar at correct length and angle. Tacked a little piece of rod so the thing didn't move.

Template time

On the previous track bar post a lot of you suggested to tie the track bar into the cross member.



The track bar mount is not finished. I still need to see where the shock mounts end up. Then I will finish it off

Since I moved the axle track bar mount up, at full bump the track bar came in contact with the cross member. I notched it and welded in some 2" pipe to clear the bar


I pretty much made the bump stop mounts the same as last time. The only difference is these allow for much more up travel.


Suspension at full bump. Steering drag link and track bar are equal length and exactly same angle. The only way I could achieve more travel is by going full hydro steering. The steering is definitely the limiting factor. 15" of true travel isn't bad though




Engine cage and coil overs

The whole idea of the engine cage is to keep the AC and make the coil over adjustable. I made brackets that attach to the engine cage and can be changed without redoing the engine cage. These coil over brackets utilize full bump of the shock. If they don't work out perfectly I can make some brackets to suit the needs of suspension travel







Next I will be installing the engine and slowly start re assembling the truck.

Wow great build, you have some serious fab skills. I wish i could make mine look like this... great work!!:thumbsup:

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Impressive doesn't even really cut it!! great work! Awesome Hybrid.