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March 16, 2017
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Ventura, CA
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1995 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Hi Folks, resurfacing after years using the old link to this forum. Currently have a 1995 Exp 4x4 Eddie Bauer which I bought 2+ years ago from it's first owner with 63K on it! In absolutely perfect shape, always garaged and so clean it hadn't even had a freeway rock chip on its hood. Great deal for $4,200. It needed when I bought it a new thermostat because the one in it was stuck open, new brakes and a set of shocks. That done I repaired what I thought was a water pump weep hole leak with a new water pump. It turned out to be a rotted freeze plug! Who knew? Not I evidently... It has driven very well since with no major issues and now has 80K on it. I do have an annoying little issue with temp gage fluctuation which I will post in the appropriate are on this site. Hope to pick your brains there...

Welcome to this forum! I'm surprised that you found a 1995 with such low mileage. Post some pictures of it when you have time.