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New on the forum EB 98! ^^!

Eddy Neanderthal

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May 1, 2011
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Culiacan, Sinaloa.
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98 Eddie Bauer
Hello there... im new on the forum and my english is kind of rusty so be patient ;D!... Btw ! i own a EB 98... with a mach audo system.. (i know it cos it have a subwoofer in the back... i recently bought a sony stereo... and a wire harness. i use a "brige" (ond't know how you call it in the states..) to conect the subwoofer to the rear speakers. cos i din't find any harness for the amp. actually ... i din't look for it cos i din't know there was one.. it sounds grate but when i get my volume lvl over 34....well it seems that it saturates and shut off i have to lower the volume to make it work... its ok i don't need that much volume... but my doubt here is what do i need to make the rear stereo controls an dthe wheel ones to work with my stereo. Thx...