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New paint job

I'm starting to gather estimates to get my Explorer repainted from it's factory "something-Mocha" color which is a tan/gold mixture.
Anyways, the paint job I want is just a simply solid color job, either black or basic blue or canary yellow.
Since I'm not looking to get all kinds of crazy stuff done with the paint job, anybody have an idea how much it would cost me through Maaco or something like that?

u can get a really crappy cheap paint job for like 500 i think. but for a good job, with every panel removied and painted.. is probably 1500-3000.

Thanks man... I actually just did a search and found all the info I need.
Thanks again

to change the color of the truck completely including door jambs, hatch area, underhood you are looking at THOUSANDS.

I got an estimate from a real body shop for a suoper high quality job for $7500, then I went to MAACO and gave them $1800 for a Super high quality job that turned out to be a POS and not worth a dime (started rusting after only 3 weeks in one spot) paint faded all over, etc.....I paid Maaco for what they called "one step beyond the factory job" and quickyl learned tey were full of it.........You are better off hiring a body work student from your local Community College to paint it, or do like I;m gonna, and do it yourself........

410 is right

If you have too paint doorjambs and under the hood it is going to cost you a ton.You are better off and going and finding another truck the color you want:(