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New pics with 33" Kumho's and Rockcrawlers.

Here are some updated pics of the ride.

I will be updating this thread on how they continue to perform.


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Pic 2


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pic 3


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BM, its even bigger in person!

for real though. when i was art his house on monday, he still had 32s on and that thing was huge! it was seriosly taller than an expedition. my truck was tiny by comparioson, even with my BL!

Looks good man....

Looks really good!

Very clean looking. Nice job.

Originally posted by udmsvt
BM, its even bigger in person!

i'll vouch for that, i got to see it with the 33's in person.... things effin huge.

btw thnx for the 32's man they are ridin and lookin sweet:D

That looks AWESOME! After some researching and reading reviews, then seeing your pics, I've made up my mind, going with the Kumho Venture MT's.

Thanks guys on the comments. Leave it to Pete to bring me back down to the Sport Truck category. ;) So far I am very happy with these meats. They ride very smooth, and quiet even at 90MPH. I will try to keep my other thread updated on the wear and how well they work in non pavement situations.

Originally posted by Black Magic
NO, I agree, It looks awesome. I would like to get another Explorer and lift it huge, 35's would be my desire.

so is there a chance black magic could get a trail rig??;);)

Oh yeah BTW the truck looks great!! any big differences between the 32's and 33's? are they the same width?