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New problem..Now cranks but no start


March 24, 2007
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Dundalk, Maryland
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'95 Eddie Bauer
I fixed the no crank, no start problem and truck ran fine for 3 days. Parked it last night, get in it this morning and now it cranks but no start.I do not hear the fuel pump coming on when I turn the key. Replaced the fuel pump relay, checked inertia switch, checked fuses 13 and 19 which I believe goes to the PCM. Before I replace the fuel pump I would like to check the PCM relay but where is it located? If it checks out, I think the only thing left is the pump, correct?

And i haven't even gotten to the heater blower not working yet....sigh...

Are you sure the problem is fuel related and not ignition related? If your not sure, I would shoot some starting fluid up in the intake to make sure it will fire. If it does, it's most likely is fuel delivery.

I hope it's not your fuel pump. $$$$ unless you can do the work yourself.

PCM relay is in the power distribution box with the fuel pump relay. Does the CEL come up when you turn the key to the ON positon? Also, you can check to see if you have power at the plug on the interia switch. If you do have power, then your problem is behind the plug which would include the interitia switch, wiring going from the switch to the fuel pump, or the fuel pump itself.

You can also try banging on the gas tank to see if that kicks the fuel pump in.