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new radiator with org fan shroud


March 29, 2009
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95 XLT 4x4
i just replaced my old radiator since it was leaking and bought a new one the old radiator is 1 inch and the new one it thicker 2 inch and i tried to put my fan shroud on and it only fit on one side so it there another shroud for this radiator so i can get this to fit right and thanks guys

I have an 00 SOHC, I have had several radiators on it. My shroud bolts to outside edges, to the tanks. It does not matter how thick the core is. The question is are you sure you were given the correct upgraded radiator. If so, your shroud should bolt right on like the old one. Your other choice would be to go to a auto salvage yard and find one that will bolt on correctly.