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New radio - No Sound


September 18, 2008
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Berkeley, CA
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'95 XLT
Just got myself one of these chinese DVD - TV - GPS radio systems for my 1995 explorer XLT.

I dont know which music system the car was factory built with. The head unit is called F57F-19B165-AE (no cd only cassette) and I have got the rear seat controls on the back of the center console.

I bought a wire harness on ebay, but the speaker part of the harness ( a green plug - the smaller one) has only got two wires for each 4 speakers and a black/white wire which I don't know what to do with.

Why don't I have any sound??? Do I have to bypass the rear seat controls?

Please help me! I'm going on a roadtrip tomorrow for the whole thanksgiving a I would hate myself if this doesn't work.

Had the same problem when i hooked mine up. There is one additional wire that needs attached to the switched power line. It is for an external amp that is in the premium system. I will have to pull mine out to get the colors but I know it is there.

<edited to add pics and clarify the wiring>
just an FYI I have mine taped but recommend crimp connectors for a nicer connection. I remove/replace my radios on a fairly normal basis so I just throw them in.

OK I just pulled mine real quick and here is a pic:


See the blue/whtstrp wire that starts on the far left of the connector. It needs tied into the red wires as shown.

hop this helps

Thank you so much. It's very kind of you putting that much effort in answering my question.

I'll go and try that.