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New Radio with JBL premium 95 eddie bauer


November 25, 2003
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Okemos, Michigan
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1996 Eddie Baurer
I just had a new pioneer CD/MP3 deck put in my Explorer. The Best Buy crew did not like the JBL system and I don't think they had the correct wiring harness.

I spent about 120.00 on the install and am not very happy with the results.

1. He bypassed the rear JBL subwoofer/amp - said it was too hard to set up, it would be better to get separate amp/speaker. It does not sound as loud as the factory without the sub.

2. The power antenna won't go down unless I turn off the engine. Before the radio could turn it off. If I run the radio with the key (Engine off) the antenna does go up and down with the new radio. In carwashes I use to turn the radio off so the antenna would not get wasted, now I cant.

My Pioneer DEH-2100IB has 4 speaker outs plus two RCA low level outputs.

Does the JBL amp require low level or high power (ie speaker wire splice) inputs to make it function?

Can the antenna be made to go down with engine running?

I don't want to buy a new sub amp and sub speaker, I know its not the best but I don't want to spend another 300.00 just to get the sub sound.

Anyone here get the factory JBL sub working with a new radio? Did you use speaker wire input or low level?

Thanks for any help.

You should have searched here before going, you could have saved some money by doing it yourself the right way :thumbsup:

Nevermind, it was thinking 3rd gen but OP has a '95. . . . it might be alot or a little different so this may not apply.

For mine they make a harness adapter for an aftermarket HU to plug into the factory sub harness, . . metra somthing.

In upgrading my basic radio to the OEM Audiophile, if the OEM Sub Amp is missing then the radio will not put out any signal on those sub wires. So i had to wire the aftermarekt Sub Amp using the speaker level inputs off the OEM amp.