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new ranger owner question


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December 30, 2006
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'91 Ranger
I have a bare bones 1991 ranger. No 4wd, no power steering, a four speed with overdrive and a siezed rear axle. I know it's the stock rear axle with drum brakes but I don't know how to tell the specs on it. I need to replace it and I need to know the ring size, gear ratio and stock brake size(9" or 10"?). If anyone knows how to check or what the stock specs are itwould be a great help!!!

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Well, it's either a 7.5 or an 8.8. What engine do you have? The 4.0 should have the 8.8, while the smaller engines should have the 7.5.
Check the drivers doorjamb for the build sticker. It should have a two digit axle code. tell us that, we'll tell you what axle.

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This 7.5 likely has 9" drums