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New rims and break in Mt. style

Well I got these rims back in feb. of this year but havn't been able to mount them up so fri. I went down and had them put on :) I got invited to go to a party in the mountains last night where I live and it was pretty muddy so I broke the new rims in right :)


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muddy rims :(


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more mud :(


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All cleaned up and looking good if I might say :)


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Rims look good, clean that is.

What wheels are those? They look good!

They are the American Racing "Python" polished, they also make them in chrome.

The person in the first picture looks really, really, bored:D

Nice wheels man.

Thats my wife, we are waiting around for my brother to show up so we can go to a party. She also hates it when I take pics of her and put them on here :)

those look nice...say, what kinda lift you got with them and what size tires?

Thanks, Superlift 5.5 front, spring over axle with single add a leaf rear, 33/12.5/15 MT's, and 4.10:1 gears to move it around.