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New Rims and tires

I already posted this in the Before and After Forum guess I should have put it here, sorry about that I will remove it.



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Very nice!

Are those 33's?

I'm coming there at the end of next month, and I'm renting a Jeep. Are there any good places to use the 4x4 on Maui?:(

They are 33's, from what I could find on Maui there is the road to Hana it will take all day to complete the whole trip there are alot of waterfalls and small pools to swim in but nothing that a stock jeep could not handle, I know there are places to ride there cause there are some sick trucks there, but I live on Oahu so I don't know that much about that island.

those look great on your EX

Nice truck dude, how did you lift it?

Nice pictures, but you should include info like manufacturer/model & rims size (looks like 15x10 to me). The more info the better...