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new rims and tires

hey wuz uip here are some pics of my new rims and tires they are 33x12.50x15 with some rock crawler rims my old wheels were 32x11.50x15 here are pics of before and after i am selling old wheels and tires for 800




let me know what u think my berore pic is the wheels and tires im selling

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looks go get it


Like the new rims; look good.

i like the old wheels much better..the black steel wheels make it look "cheap" idk..but the tires look good.

ima go with tht other dood, i like the other wheels better, but tht juz me :rolleyes:

Looks great! I have the same wheels on my '93. Some polished center caps would really finish it off well.

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnice, i have a 97 xlt,,,,

what is the exact name of the rims an how much where they, thanxs

I think the new rims compliment the color of your X really well, very nice!

The dude hasn't been on this site for three years, but maybe he'll make an appearance? :p:

Woah haha, I didn't even see the date on the original post.
But I haven't been on the site in 2-3 years, and now I'm browsing again, so there's still hope!

nice x u got there