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New seat for my Explorer


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February 2, 2000
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1991 XLT
Well after searching the junkyards here for a newer used seat for my Explorer with no luck I finally bit the bullet and ordered an aftermarket one. I bought a PRP daily driver suspension seat after looking at many different brands and styles. I sat in both a Mastercraft Rubicon seat and the PRP DD and I liked the DD best since I still daily drive my Explorer :D It has lower sides and the headrest is angled forward slightly. The colors are sahara center with black arms, piping and rear vinyl.

I had to fab some brackets up to bolt it to my stock seat sliders. It is pretty comfortable and it keeps me in the seat. I took it around some corners pretty fast and I didnt move much compared to my old seat. I havent been on a long trip or offroad with them yet. Moab will be the real test. Attached are a few pics I took-


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those are some pretty slick seats...looks good :thumbsup

I only got one, the passenger one is still stock and worn out. If I like it after Moab I will probably order another one to match. It was $250 shipped and that includes the options I had which was the sewn on loops and it is 2" taller. I bought it from Scott at Rock Buggy Supply.

Looks good Brian, i just got done installing my new ones about 20 mins ago. Will see how they hold up in Moab.

Looks really nice Brian. I love my mastercrafts, it makes such a difference to have a good seat in a daily driver.

FYI for others reference, the Mastercraft Rubicons will bolt right to the explorer slider.