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New shocks w/small lift?


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December 11, 2004
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Kamloops British Columbia
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1994 XLT
I am looking at purchasing the skyjacker 2" lift for my 94ex 4wd. My question is do I need to but new shocks right away due to the new length or will I be O.K. untill funds allow?

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i have heard that with the 2 inch skyjacker lift you will be ok with stock length shocks.

The stock shocks should be fine, atleast most everyone says that, and uses stock length shocks. In my case though, the stock length shocks limited my articulation, so I got some Skyjacker shocks made for this amount of lift. It's nothing major though. You'd be fine until you've got the money, and it probably wouldn't even max out unless you took off the sway bars when offroad, like I do.

i just put lift shackles and running stock shocks and the only problem is what bmxking said. i could get more droop but the shocks are limiting the axle. i'm going to order some pro comp shocks that are made for 2" lift. the daystar spring spacers come with shock extension bolts. i'd had no problems running up at silverlake and getting some air.

Your supposed to be able to run stock shocks. For me, I needed longer rear shocks. My leaf springs were in great shape so I got about 3" of lift in the rear. 2" in teh front so I have a slight rake now. I could have used the stock length, but I had some ride problems & they went away after the longer shocks were put on.

Thanks for the help as always. Sooo........ lift for now shocks later. Sounds like a plan.

I had bought 2" add-a-leafs for the rear, and I made an 1.25" spacer for the front so, and I had to replace my front shocks, the rears were just as long as the recommended shocks that BDS says to use.. So I took those two back.