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new solobarics any good?


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May 29, 2000
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91 EB 2x4
i have four kenwood 12" subs right now powered by a lazar vibe 600 watt amp and i really want to regain some my of my cargo space. i have been thinkin about a single square solobaric 15", just want to get some opinions on what yall think it would sound like or what yall would recommend for lots of bass (like 4kenwood 12 kind of bass) and not alot of space.

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tac0meat, this is off the subject a little, what speakers would be good for door speakers?

I think it would be a loss but those new Solobarics are supposed to be insane. The 12's are supposed to hit like 15's and the 15's are supposed to hit like 18's.

the solobarics dont handle much power. maybe a 12" L7 hits like a 15" round solo, but is nothing compared to most high end subs.
a single 12" or 15" audiobahn 05 series will hit much harder than any pair of solos. and cost a lot less. still leaning towards the solobaric because i have astually heard them before and i like the way they sound. BTW leenjen- which model of audiobahn were you refering to cause i did some searching and couldnt find a "05" model, but the ones i saw look massive! still gonna be awhile before do any changes thouhg. jas84- in my opinion the pioneer true 6x8 are a very good set of door speakers, but of course there are others who think otherwise. your best bet is to go to a place that has them set up and just compare to find out what you like best

I have herd 2 SOLO 12's with an Alpine v12 800 watt RMS amp (pretty sure it was alpine)and they are incredible (blew somone's hatch right open). I bet a 15 SOLO would sound very good!! But nothing beats the sound of pairs of subs. I have also herd the MTX 8000 series Subs they hit real real nice too!! But the key to get a good amp. If the power isnt clean you wont get the power the amp claims to get, and you will end up doing more harm then good to the sub.

From the few times I've heard those subs they have very good SPL potential, but the SQ is really lacking in my opinion.