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new stereo set-up


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October 26, 2004
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Worcester, MA
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98 Eddie Bauer
head unit: Pioneer DEH 7700
front doors: Boston Acoustics FX8 6x8's
rear doors: Infinity Reference 6800 with arm rest mounted tweeters
subs: JL Audio 8w0's - one in the stock sub area inside a Q logic box, the other under my back seat, in a custom built box
amps: Pioneer G300T for the subs, bridged in mono
Alpine V-power 4 channel 360W bridgeable MOSFET amp for the door speakers
dynamat on the doors and in the rear cargo area.
all monster cables

i don't have the front door speakers in yet, or the Alpine amp, or the new HU. but it's all ready to go!
i will have pics on my cardomain when i finish installing all of it

Sounds sweet! :D Pun intended.

i see cancellation problems with the 2 subs in different boxes in different locations..

the cancellation isn't too bad. i am not going for crazy, loud bass tone here. I just want some extra kick, and i think hiding subs looks better than keeping everything right out in the open, even if it does sound a bit better.

but either way, i think with the door speakers amped, it should be fine. thanks for the comments