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New sub box - need feedback and have questions.


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August 24, 2001
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I finally have a design for a single 12" woofer box that I like so I am now opening it up for all thoughts, I still have to double check the numbers but the total volume should be close to 1.25 cu/ft. I want a good mix between SQ and SPL and the sub is going to be a MTX 9512 or a JL audio W7. Box will be 3/4" MDF expect for the front which will be 1" MDF.
The blue things are going to fit around the amps (MTX 6500D and MTX 4244) and cover up all the wiring to give it a clean look.

Onto my questions;
1. It is going to be painted so what colour? - normally i'd want body colour but I have a green exterior and green interior so I don't think more green works. A graphite metallic is what I am thinking about so far.
2. The arched part for the sub will be fiberglass, does it make sense to have a piece of thin metal (10 gauge) formed to fit on the outside then fiberglass the inside to prevent flex. The metal could stay attached or just be used for forming and removed later. I can have this done at work so no cost to me!!
3. The fiberglass itself - I've read that the fleece material is just to add thickness so do I even want to use it or just go with 6-8 layers of cloth. Which cloth is better - the woven or the random fiber.
4. Might want to cut a 10" dia hole in the back of the box and put a peice of plexiglass in with gasketing to show off the magnet when the seats are folded down, good idea or doomed to failure/ too much work.


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waaaaaay too small for a 12" w7.. other than that, nice

3. You still want to use the fleece since it does add thickness but also helps "form" the outside of your enclosure. Use both the woven matt and random matt. First layer put the woven matt on then second layer cut the random in small pieces and lay down, than woven etc. etc. Make sure to do this in sections don't just lay one huge piece of woven down first otherwise it wont work out. I find this method to work best but do what you think is the best for you and of course easiest.
4. sounds cool but you may leak air if plexiglass isn't seated right. Go for it though would look killer!

you will use the fleece to get the shape, then do 6 or so layers maybe more of the random glass stuff.

im me and we'll talk about it

i do really like that design though, and i wish i knew how to make a diagram like that so i could show it to my customers (my drawings often flat out suck)

Fleece is plenty strong... I have two layers on my box, plus a layer made out of old t-shirt. It can support my weight (180 or so). I like the design of you box, it is very clean. However I'm worried that the front might be a bit too plain... nothing really there. Maybe tilt the front of the amps down a tiny bit? What did you use to design your box?

that isnt to small for a 12w7..or a 9512...aslong as u remember to calc for the displacement of the magnet structure

id personaly go with a 9512...being that i was not to impresed with the w7s 10s or 12s

just my .02

my 9515 is only in a 1.75 cubic inch box, but thats a sq box size.

also, fleece is not strong enough even remotely for either of the subs your talking about... lol

you will have to add at least 5 layers of glass to the fleece in order to have it done right. I added that many layers to my door panels in places heh

I think when I first worked out the displacement I was using 1" thickness, I checked the numbers using the 3/4 and it is now coming out to just over 1.5 cu ft, which is really close to the 1.25 - 1.4 cu ft the range recommended for both subs

The box was designed with mechanical desktop version 5, the very top of the amps will stick just slightly above amp cover and the amp are chrome and black, but putting them in at a slight angle does sound good. I'll build the main part then play around with the amps.

Work has started

I got most of the MDF cut and rough assembled, so far it is coming together well. The design has changed a far bit from what I had but this should look better.

The amps will be mounted to the front of the box and have a fiberglass cover going over them to hid the wiring. The sub is a MTX 9512-44 and there will be a round plexiglass viewing window in the back of the box to show off the sub. I'm still trying to figure out how to hide all the wiring when the back seats are down, I need a simple solution

Hope to have everything done within 2 weeks. :)


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Looks very clean, great work.

man, that looks awesome!

i'll get you the sub asap, got the $ today.

Everything is now done except for the cover that is going to go around the amps to cover up the wiring, took a lot longer then I expected but sounds very good and should get better because I only spent 10 minutes adjusting the amps.

The last pic is of the back side of my trucks namesake, just had to include it (it's the talking doll)


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looks nice! Good woodworking skills man.....