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New sub... Questions ??

this is the after shot... originally i had only the single 12, but i quickly up graded to 2 12's

I think I might upgrade to adding 1 more sub and 2 6x8's
What cubic foot is your box??



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Can that amp be bridged? If it can, I think that would be the best way to wire up the subs.

Properly tuning the amp will make a big difference, too. Take some time to mess around with the settings. Turn the LPF up and down, because if it is too high, the higher sounds going to the subs will make them less efficient, since they are meant for low frequencies. Also, don't have the gain turned up all the way on the amp, and if it has a "bass boost" it is best to keep that low to avoid distortion.

Those Pyle Blue Waves are really low quality subwoofers...not bashing but just telling you you can get better with a single 15 inch sub.

Also RMS is basically continuous rating. Peak ratings mean nothing....they are a made up number to make the product looks better than it really is...its marketing. And obviously it works.

Also the bass level on the HU has nothing to do with the amount of output of the amp. It is the input voltage in relation to the input level that determines output. Setup incorrectly you can fry a 800 watt rms subwoofer. Overdriving the amp causes the signal to clip and clipped bad enough DC current is output.

i have no idea currently... i will get a measurement for you... and i will see how much i remember from 10th grade geometry lol... its been 3 years ! hahaha

idk how to convert these numbers cause i forget how to lol... heres what i got...

length=32'' width=17'' height=14''

thats how big my box is...

let me know what it is will you lol... and good or bad ??

i think it sounds awsome right now, but this is my first system...

are those external dimensions?? I also need to know the dimensions of the port

ugh... lol

from the pic i posted... the 2 ( ports ) in the center...

is that the number( s ) you need ???

well i would guess...

2'' length / 16.5'' width / 13'' height ?????

i have no idea, those are a complete guess ,and idk if thats even what your looking for lol !!!!

isnt it so obvious that im a newb at AUDIO lol... hahahaha i laugh at myself !!!