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new system questions


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December 6, 2005
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93' xlt
ok so here are my ideas for the new system i am putting in my 93.
1. sony 1000 watt bridged(subs)
2. power ac. 120 watt (speakers)

subs: 1100 watt 10 inchs

custon double sealed box

1. 4 farad cap

1. 4 sony 6x8

head unit:
1. dual motorized face

1. what do you think about the set-up?
2. can i run four speaker of a 2 channel 120 watt amp?
3. is the set-up good?

thanks for your time

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Sony's not the greatest, whats your budget? 4 farad is waaay overkill for that setup, all you need is about 1

i am getting a deal on the cap so why not get it? budget is about 500-600

I'd save your money and not get the cap...or any of the sony. You wouldn't be getting nearly 1000 watts out of the amp regardless. You need to look at RMS wattage and not peak, do some researching

i have been doing my research, i am looking at competitive pricing and performance. i know that i will not be getting 1000 watts. Why should i not get the cap?

Because Sony is not going to pull enough power to need a cap. My friend had a 1000 watt Sony amp and I had a 300 watt ample. We put both amps on the JL 12's I had and the ample pushed the hell out of them, while the sony barely made them move. Stay away from the Sony stuff. Do the research you say you did not do.

Skip the Dual brand also. "Wow, this is nice", at first. "Wow, I should have bought something else", later.

I also vote to skip the Sony brand.

You can run as many speakers as you want off any amp, as long as the amp can handle the impedance load. You will lose some front to back fading, etc. What is the model number of the Power Ac amp? I have a set of Infinity Kappa components and a set of Infinity Kappa coaxials running off a Punch 60 DSM. Front and rear left side wired in parallel to one channel, front and rear right side wired in parallel to the other channel.

As mentioned stay away from sony. They over rate their products and they do kind of suck IMO, Save a few more dollars and go with something you will be happy with. Also mentioned don't go with dual because you will be let down after the cool factor wears off. If you dont have a ton of money to spend go with some pioneer 3 or 4 ways they are pretty cheap and sound pretty good amped as long as you have a sub for bass.

For a sub thats really good cost to power ratio I would go with Power Acoustik, I am pushing a continuous 850W to it for 6 months now , and before that 350Wrms and Its still pounding hard.

For an amp go with something that is close to what they are rated, such as Rockford, kenwood, alpine, and like companys, you will not be disapointed. Remember to get the right gauge amp wiring kit too, you need to get it all the juice it needs and not heat up the wires(over load them). Good luck, Jon

Honestly for the best bang for your buck you CANNOT go wrong with the deals right now with Ascendant Audio. I have two of their Avalanche (older series) subs and they are downright amazing...if you're looking to start out with a system I highly reccommend their Assassin series. Their 12's are like 90 + shipping each and will be so much better than almost anything you could get for a comparable price. Do yourself a favor and look into it.

Mtx thunder 5500's are really good also. I had six recently in my Explorer. You can buy them all day for 50.00 on ebay.

I would agree with most of the initial posts. Speakers and amps, I wouldnt get Sony. My head unit is a sony CDMX8850 and the only reason I have that is because I have a sony CD/DVD changer that only works with sony unilink. The head units are not too bad though but just make sure you get better amplification.

Everyone has their opinions, now for mine :p

Skip the cap, get a larger battery and bigger wires instead.